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hand-moulded steel and rubber expansion bellows

Latest News

We manufacture Handbuilt Rubber Bellows

We manufacture hand-built rubber bellows to meet your specific requirements, our type RBH. read more »

Some more unusual Axial Bellows

Here are some more unusual axial expansion bellows that we recently produced. They are our type AB expansion joints. read more »

Copper Expansion Bellows are part of our range

We recently supplied some of our Copper Expansion Bellows, our type CU6. read more »

Big Thank You from the Rainbow Trust

The Rainbow Trust have sent a thank you letter to Jon Mal James Phil and Gordon for raising a wonderful £1,370.07 by cycling the Celtic Trail. read more »

We sell bellows for pumps

We can provide bellows for pumps, which we refer to as our Type PB , pump bellows. read more »

Food grade rubber bellows recently produced

We recently produced moulded rubber bellows suitable for food. read more »

We provide moulded rubber bellows very quickly

If you need moulded rubber bellows in a hurry we can help. read more »

Does you ship need a new exhaust bellows?

Is the exhaust bellows on your ship warn out? look no further we can help you. read more »

We recently manufactured Axial Expansion Bellows

We recently supplied some 200mm NB axial expansion joints.  These were made from 316 stainless steel and had a face to face length of 549mm. read more »

We can very quickly supply Moulded Rubber Bellows

One of our products we ship to our customers on the same day they are ordered are our Moulded Rubber Bellows. For example our type RBSread more »